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I held a violin in my hands before I could speak and began playing it in kindergarten. That was normal in my family, everyone played instruments and all of us played the violin. We had been immersed in folk music for many generations however only my father had a classical education and was a professional musician.

Our hometown is just a few kilometres away from Hukvaldy, the village where Leoš Janáček was born and had lived. The great composer was attending my family because of his interest in the popular Moravian music on which he will forge his particular musical language.

Although firmly rooted in folk music from the beginning, I soon became greatly inspired by Janáček’s universe. With the support of my father, I threw myself into the study of the great European repertoire. First the classical as is normal and then the contemporary, the one that makes us feel like children of our time.

The years have passed bu I’m still ready to “fight” with my beloved violin, with which I crossed the world, forged my life, and threw myself into unexpected adventuress.

And how many beautiful people I have met! How many discoveries and how much inspiration! How many dreams I have realised!

Yes, come back child I would not want anything other than that violin.

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